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Fatty's mom has been busy, so we've managed to be able to blackmail 5 new members into joining the squad. Welcome SOB, Escafe, Exile, Central and Sickboy -- you don't know just how bad she screwed you. Also, Creamo has been promoted from Latrine Scrubber to Insubordinate First Class for his fine artwork displayed on the HTC site here. Lastly, Fatty has been struck with premature senile dementia and promoted everyone to some totally meaningless office with an appropriately verbose yet insignificant title. Check the members page to see the depths of his stupidity. -Gordo
Added the FDB enlistment pages and enlistment banners/ads underneath the beercan. Even you loiterers that are already squadded might like to go through the enlistment stuff, its (hopefully) good for a chuckle or two. I also added Argyll & Bigbird to the squad list. Time for a cold one. -Gordo
to version 1.02 or not to version 1.02, that is STILL the question. site tweeked, more later -mason

Isn't Sinclair a hotty!? And, who stole my HIENEY?

Reworked the site to incorporate Mason22's snifty graphical redesign. Since Mason will also be working on the site now, you can expect to see more and better updates in the future, including flash animations, though I dunno if someone with such artistic talent and high culture can really be an FDB! I also added Skernsk, our newest member, to the members page, and a few divebombing films by Fatty to the archives page. Enjoy... or don't, I don't care;p -Gordo

Lots of additions that you don't care about. First, I added Packrat's F4u wind sound file to the archives page. Its not bad considering he sought out Fatty's opinions before releasing it. I also corrected an oversight on the members page regarding Fatty's mother. Congrats, Fatty, just another three days before she gets home! -Gordo

Changed a bit of our opening paragraph and submitted the site to be added to the Aces High webring. I also fixed a few broken links. In other words, the only news I have to report is exceedingly insignificant and nothing you need concern yourself with. Carry on. -Gordo

Added a a snifty picture of a B17 with our noseart on it that Mason22 made to the archives. He was so thoughtful he didn't even crop out any of the model's gut. Is he FDB material? We'll see... -Gordo

Finished up the site and loaded it up to the web. Now that its done, I'm going to go drink a beer. Expect more content soon. -Gordo

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